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Thread: Took a little ride this past weekend

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    Took a little ride this past weekend

    Bryan & I took a short overnighter from Dallas to Caddo Lake State Park in East Texas. Just a one night trip but still a lot of fun.
    This first photo was at a rest stop near Big Sandy.
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    Got a camp site right on the water....# 65 if you go there.
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    Nice view from the camp site.
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    Thanks for the photos and the inside scoop on lot #65.

    If you tell anyone I had to ask you this, I'll call you a liar, but where is Caddo Lake located? Is it as far east as Nacogdoches in the Toledo Bend area?

    Most of my rides are west of Ft Worth so I haven't spent much time out that way.

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    If you don't like the morons driving I-20 East you can take Hwy 80. Goes through Wills Point, Big Sandy, Longview and Marshall. About 160 miles east of Dallas. 15 miles NE of Marshall. Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in Texas and is actually a cypress swamp. It straddles the Tx/La border. Very pretty area, hills, curves, trees, etc. Lots of places to eat. Took us about 2 1/2 hours with one stop for a break and one for gas.

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    nice looking campsite.
    nice looking orange bike your pard is riding. what is it?
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    He's riding a KTM 950s Adventure. Very nice bike. He's had it in some really rough country but it is really too big for serious off road....not that I do that anymore, not since I traded my XR650R anyway.

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    Nice bike Bob. I have a KTM SMC.

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    Very nice

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