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Thread: Y2K R1100RT Tank bag

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    Y2K R1100RT Tank bag

    Not having much luck finding a new tank bag I like. Searched the forum but didn't find any other thread. Before anyone recommends the $300+ BMW bags don't bother I'm not spending that kind of money on a tank bag. My budget is up to $150.

    So. I'm looking for recommendations for a tank bag for my Y2k R1100RT.
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    I started a thread in F-Twins sorta specific to my bike. Some of the gang suggested some bags that I wasn't familiar with. Even though our bikes a different, can't hurt to look. Gary
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    Wolfman is made in Colorado. Rainier fits very well but is slightly over your price limit. Explorer Lite is a smaller and cheaper. Separate purchase for rain cover.

    RKA is made in Northern California, good stuff. Same deal with separate rain cover purchase.

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