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Thread: Where is my fuse box on 2001 R1100S?

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    Where is my fuse box on 2001 R1100S?

    I'm trying to install the power wire to my Garmin GPS to my 2001 R1100SA Light. I know to connect it to the tail light fuse on the fuse box, but I can't find it . I read in the manual that it is on the left side, but where? Would somebody please enlighten me? Please do not think me an idiot. This is my first sport touring bike and my first BMW. If it is under the fairing (I did peek under there), I will need guidance to take it off.

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    It's a small box compared to the other Oilheads. maybe 2X2. It can be removed out of its holding clip and raised up to the bar area a little. has a snap on cover over the fuses.

    You do NOT have to remove the fairing...but when you do in the future, do not forget the screw that is on the inside kinda near the BMW badge...or you'll break the bracket trying to pull it off! Seen many broken brackets.

    A lot more info on the 11S bikes over here as well:

    here is a link to an answer with pics from there:
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    You have two, both mounted within reach in front of the fork tubes.

    To initially find them, it's easier to spot them from the opposite side of the bike, i.e. the left (clutch side) box is most easily seen from the right side of the bike, and vice versa.

    They have protective caps.

    The left side is the main one, the right one is for add-ons like heated grips. It will have empty spaces and could be your answer for adding something on.

    If you don't have an owners manual, your dealer can still get you one. Good idea to get the waterproof cover for it, too.
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    You'll probably find that the fuse boxes themselves are pretty hard to tap into. If you remove the side fairings, you'll have access to the electrical boxes which will be better places to find power.
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    Thanks for the help.

    After finding the fuse box, I decided to just splice into the rear tail light for my power. It seemed much simpler to do so. I hope I made a good decision. I do wish to thank you guys for your information and tips. At least I know where to go in the future.

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    I just did a Garmin 220 on a friends 04 R1100S using a Touratec locking bracket. Picked up power the way Anton suggested but I forget which wire I tapped into- anyway, it was easy to find and do.
    And you do need to look for the hidden screw. The bike I did had plastic brackets broken on both sides - but both were readily repaired with JB Weld (the broken plastic ends were both still on the bike so just had to be correctly removed and epoxied back) and are no doubt stronger than new, now.

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