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Thread: Hot, Muggy, Sweaty kind of ridng-Sedalia

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    To really help prevent the dreaded "monkey butt", (the irritated chafed skin type, not just sore muscles) there is a simple thing to do that I learned from a long distance bicycle rider, but I haven't figured out a way to say it delicately on the forum. Lets just say it involves a razor and shaving cream. DAMHIK!

    I am completely serious about this by the way!
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    Talking oldnslow

    As a former ultra endurance participant of bicycle events, I agree with you that your technique involving shaving cream and a razor is better left for other sites.

    Our beloved mods may not quite have the sense of humor we thought.
    "What is beautiful is simple, and what is simple always works"....Kalashnikov, inventor of the AK-47.
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    Just one question.
    Safety razor, right?

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    Mike is on target- it works and has other benefits I'll leave to your imagination.

    A couple years ago I learned from some of the younger women in my dept who had gone Brazilian that they thought it more comfortable, also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by racer7 View Post
    In addition to henzilla's sound advice, there is the Veskimo. I'm enough of a gadgeteer that I bought one to try last year and was initially put off a bit by the effort to use it- BUT its like A/C on your bike and once you've done a 100 degree humid day with it, you really don't want to ride without it. It WILL keep your core cool and can be filled from any gas station selling ice or from a motel ice machine though if you are starting from home or have a freezer handy, ice blocks work best.

    My biggest complaint about it now is that its ice container will not hold a full 10 lb bag of ice so I'm looking at transplanting its internals (motor and pump) to a larger cooler or maybe just taking a pre-made car racing ice cooler as used with cool suits and adapting it to the rear seat of my RT. I get about 4 hours out of the Veskmo stock setup so is two fills a day at the moment (ice is $1-2/bag around here) though I don't usually turn it on until about 9-10AM depending on weather.

    They also make a timer circuit that will cycle the pump to extend the ice life. I've been switching manually and will put the timer in this year.
    I've generally been able to stay at least marginally comfortable with evaporative gear, but last summer in Wisconsin it hit the upper 90s with uber-humidity and my poor dog was really suffering in the sidecar with just one small vent. After reading your thread about Veskimo I went to their website and asked the million dollar question: Do you make anything for dogs?

    I got a very warm and personal response from the owner himself, also a dog person, offering several good options. The most promising one was mating their cooler to a higher capacity pump that could handle a veterinary cooling pad that would fit atop Barley's memory foam mattress.

    Cooling pads for dogs in sidecars is not exactly a mainstream product, so I was really impressed by Kurt's efforts to help us out! Awesome customer support!
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    Here's a solution for your dog in the sidecar:
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