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Thread: June BRP Ride Day#1 Agenda - Pennsylvania

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    June BRP Ride Day#1 Agenda - Pennsylvania

    So it looks like due to my buddy's lack of vacation time, my Blue Ridge Parkway excursion is going to be shortened by a few days. That means the pressure is going to be on to cover some distances between Mass and the southern terminus of the Parkway. Planning to head out after work on Tuesday, 19JUNE. Our first stop looks to be in the Harrisburg, PA vicinity...give or take 50 miles. Any recommendations on where to stay or more importantly where to avoid? We'll probably hit a motel of some sort for a late check-in, hot shower, and early departure. It's actually hard to imagine that there's much undesirable in Pennsylvania, but I figure it can't hurt to ask the question. Thanks.

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    nice stop over

    I found the Best Western in Gettysburg to be a great stop. Off street parking and many dining choices in walking distance.
    It's also just off Rt 15 which leads directly down to Front Royal at the start of the Skyline Drive or Rt 340 both of which will lead you right into the BRP.

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    Harrisburg is a big city with all the bad things that go along with it. If you push on down 81 there are chain hotels at almost every exit. I use on the blackberry (you can just show them the coupon) and always get walk in rates around $50 at places like Comfort Inn and Sleep Inn. The Fairfield Inns and Holiday Inn Express are usually about $10 more. If for some reason they insist on a paper coupon, just use the ever present free lobby computer

    You can also get the coupon books at State welcome centers. I have found these consistently to be 40% to 50% cheaper than any price I can get anywhere else. Only downside is you usually won't get your points and they are sometimes sold out of the discount rooms, though in places like Hagerstown, an hour further (or closer such as it is) there are a multitude of places to choose from.
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