I am starting plans to take an extended motorcycle trip in Europe next year. Initial plans are to ship the two bikes over with Knopf, pick them up in early May and stay forǪthat part is not yet decided, but at least 3 months, if the money holds out.
Of course, a big issue is cost. Europe can be expensive. One way we have always saved money on bike trips is to campout as much as possible (up to three months on the road). Obviously, we have good collection of quality camping gear. I understand campgrounds in Europe are very nice, at least according to the websites, so I am looking at this as an option to keep cost down (and stay longer).
Im looking for advice/feedback from anybody who has done some bike camping (or at least tent camping) in Europe. What worked, what didnt, pro and cons. Any websites or a source for information on the subject is much appreciated.