I took the new Mistress from the Darkside for a ride on a perfect Missouri day. 63??, sand from the "winter" gone from the corners, no one else out on the roads, and crystal clear. I have to say, after years of riding an 1150GS and now a 1200GS, the 99 K1200RS is amazingly smooth, sneaky power, and just a teensy tiny bit heavier to manoeuver. But ohhhh sooooo addicting. The Flying Brick, she does fly

Two things about the day I will mention before getting to the photos. 1) The perfect ride can be ruined if you start the ride with a lousy song stuck in your head. In this case "Tattoo" the new Van Halen piece of garbage. Bring on Van Halen 1, leave this new stuff on the shelf. The only song worse is Starland Vocal Band "Afternoon Delight". 2) The perfect day can go completely wrong when you discover your wallet has fallen out of the whacking great chest pocket on your 'stich that you stupidly left open. 3) The ruined day can be returned to perfect when you backtrack 15 miles and find your aforementioned lost wallet lying along to white edge line...and it hasn't even been run over by a logging truck. 3a) "Tattoo" gets replaced when you hear Sammy Hagar doing "I Can't Drive 55" at the gas station.

On to the photos...
Waiting for the ferry at Acker. Christopher Cross said "Don't pay the ferryman" but I had to pay $4 to cross the Current. Sorry, Chris.

The big girl is rather photogenic.

Outflow from Alley Spring. ALWAYS a great ride destination. and the water is sooo cool and tastes soooo good.

There has got to be a story behind the naming of this location. Missouri does have some unusual place names. Bland, Tightwad, Peculiar, Licking, Conception, etc.

Missouri labels many of the backroads with letters. This one, however, is unacceptable.