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Thread: BMW power socket

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    BMW power socket

    I ride an '04 R1150r and was wondering if anyone has converted the oringinal socket to a standard size socket so everything in America can run directly to it? Thanks in advance and I have had my Beemer for 5 years and 60,000 wonderful miles.

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    Best thing to do is run a pigtail through a switch and fuse. Then you can hook up anything. I have two on my bike.
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    If you ever plan to sell your bike, I wouldn't do that conversion. Lot's of folks would be put off by that modification. Instead get a Powerlet to cigarette socket adapter. Cheap solution.
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    My experience over the years is that the European style sockets used by BMW, and others including John Deere and Powerlet are very reliable and seldom lose contact. My experience with US style "cigarette lighter" style sockets has been they are fairly unreliable and frequently lose contact. Having my GPS turn off and on, or mycomputer only partly charge is aggravating.

    There are lots of options. All of our bikes have several two-pole ASA "trailer" style connectors. My battery chargers have mating connectors. My GPSs have mating connectors, etc. For computer charging on the go I do have a lighter style socket in the top case.

    I also have a lighter style socket with a two-pole connector on the wire so I can plug it in, and a Powerlet lighter style socket with a male BMW style plug to go into an OEM accessory outlet.

    There are times when a lighter style socket is the way to go. Some GPSs and phones operate on 5 volts (USB voltage) and the step down is in the lighter style plug. On one of these I took the plug case apart - wired directly to the connections - and put a two-pole connector on the end of the wire. Now I can plug that into any mating two-pole on the bike and run the GPS without the frequent disconnects I always got with the lighter style plug.
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