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Thread: Full Cover or Half Cover is the question

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    Full Cover or Half Cover is the question

    Hello All,

    Sorry for the noob question, but I really couldn't find my specific question. The question really isnt what brand cover do I need, but rather, half or full cover?

    A little background. As much as I would love to store the bike inside its just not an option, as I live in an apartment complex. I will be storing it in an offsite heated facility during the winter months, so this is more of a cover to keep eyes off the machine. Its a generally quiet neighborhood with senior citizens as the majority. By the way this is in northern Illinois.

    Now I understand a full cover has more protection from the elements and provides total anonymity, but does condensation form easier than half covers?

    With the half covers, the top of the bike, seat, and cases are covered but not the engine, wheels, etc. Is this really a problem? Would these be better since they don't hold in all the condensation like a full cover?

    Thanks for any help,


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    For where you are storing the bike, I think I'd just get a cotton sheet and throw it over the bike. Maybe king size, depending on the bike size.

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    Full size if it's outside. Keeps the eyes off it as you say. You might not want to put it on every time, but it will do the job when you need it.

    For the storage unit over winter, use the sheet.
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    Thanks for the reply guys. Sheet sounds good for the indoor heated storage, I forgot to mention that my commute is 4 miles round trip and I plan on riding every day possible so I'm not sure its neccessary to cover it every night. I start work at 6:30am so I'll be out there pretty early. Still really trying to decide between full or half.


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    I use a half cover. I like it because it packs up small and is easy to carry on trips.

    I don't think condensation is an issue with either one if you get a breathable cover. Mine doesn't hold a lot of moisture and dries quickly after a rain. I have a Nelson Rigg, great cover, but there are certainly others.

    I'd only use a full cover if, as you say, you don't want people to know what kind of bike you own. But for protection, a half cover does what you need, which is seat and electronics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wakedawg View Post
    I forgot to mention that my commute is 4 miles round trip
    You will need to put the battery on a charger once in a while. I don't think two miles will be enough to replenish the power it takes to start a cold bike. Also, the bike won't get up to full operating temperature on such a short commute. Every once in a while take the long way home. About 10 miles should get everything nice and warm.

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    I have a full cover that has been relegated back to it's box and the storage building out back.

    I have a half cover that goes everywhere with my bike. If you're riding to where it's going to be parked, a half cover makes more sense. Easier to work with and smaller to drag around, a good feature is you don't need to be concerned about anything hot with a half cover. If you've been out in the wet, a full cover will hold condensation in for a while.

    Granted, my bike lives in a garage so my needs don't include when I'm home. However, I travel on the bike a lot where it spends a lot of time under the stars at night.

    It's more a matter of what's going to work for you but I'd say the best is half cover.
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    thanks guys for your input. I ended up going with a EZ Touring Traveller half cover. I got it in the most boring color, tan, so it doesn't draw too much attention. It will be covered at my apartment complex but probably not at work since its not a business and there's little (if any) traffic during work hours.

    As for the extremely short commute, thats good to know about the battery charging, There are some nice country roads just west of town so finding time to put some miles on after work won't be an issue.


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    If you decide to add a full cover, go with one from Dowco. They have a lifetime warranty. I'm on cover number four after 16 years. Definitely worth the cost.

    I bought a Nelson Rigg half cover that goes everywhere with me. I can cover the bike if there is a chance of rain. It's also handy for hiding the GPS that is always on the bike. It's sort of like cheap insurance.
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