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Thread: Carolina euro ??

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    Carolina euro ??

    I was just talking with a friend who told me that Carolina Euro Sport, in Greensboro NC. is dropping their Triumph franchise ??

    They just recently dropped Ducati.

    What the heck is going on over there ?????????

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    Place has same ownership as the BMW dealership in Raleigh that dropped Triumph a couple years ago to do a BMW corporate image/smaller, lower overhead facility. Raleih Triumph place is now the lcal HD dealer. I suspect soething similar will happen in Greensboro- now that Triumph is starting to have a better line of bikes that is also more directly aimed at BMW and more attractive to dealers, I suspect they'd just as soon be out of a BMW dealership and I doubt BMW would be thrilled with joint dealerships either. AFAIK, Triumph still no special "dealership look" they push like HD and copycat BMW does.

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    They may be choosing to focus strictly on Beemers. Capitol in Raleigh did the same thing several years ago and have been stronger for it.
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