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Thread: Y2K turbine motorcycle

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    Y2K turbine motorcycle

    I had to beat f14rio to the punch on this one

    Being passed around on the email circuit...a Youtube clip

    USA made in Louisiana with A Bell Ranger turbine...lets roll!
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    Jay Leno has one. Apparently he once melted the plastic bumper on a car that was stopped too close him at a stoplight. Well, that's the story anyway.

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    For my 50th b-day ... that was back in 1999 ... my wife arranged a trip to Key West.

    One night, while doing the Duval Street Crawl, I noticed one curbside. Had read a little about it, and was curious to see it FTF. Then the owner fired it up. Standing next to it wearing shorts, the damn thing singed the hairs off my leg. Yeow!

    Still, cool piece of technology. (But I also liked the 1967 & 68 Granatelli STP turbines at Indy.)

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    Over 200 mph in jeans...truly a 'stunt' rider!
    $185k...I'll take two ;-)

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