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Thread: Branson X, the high bandwidth version

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    Branson X, the high bandwidth version

    Big thanks and a for the Glaves, Hairs,
    Bunny, and the others that made it a most enjoyable first
    trip to Branson for me. A feast of perfect weather
    was gorged upon by many presidents and fellow
    moa members.

    We started from Austin
    wednesday afternoon and settled into
    a hotel in Jefferson, Tx for the night. Next
    morning I spotted an LT, wing, and a trike
    heading north to Branson, but as usual
    we took the long way there.

    Finally crossed into AR at the town of Doddridge
    where we took a break.

    Prez Cary celebrated with the release of the magic smoke

    We took all the little backroads we could
    to Danville (ithink) where we picked up hwy 7

    You really can't go wrong on most
    roads except for parts of 71. This pic from hwy 7
    says it all.

    Look closely and you'll see a rumble strip
    on the centerline. Hit this while your
    heeled waaaay over at speed and you
    will have al the excitement you need

    The big sweepers provide a thrill too

    Took a break by some river

    We did this the rest of the day.

    Suffered a bit in traffic but made it to Branson
    before dark. Friday morning and the weather
    was still perfect. Not too may bikes yet.

    The check in procedure was pure chaos; here
    Harriet fights off others trying to take
    her scrubs.

    Around noon we all headed to Gilleys
    for a bunny-arranged lunch. Some
    folks got the prime parking spots,
    and for good reason.

    Inside we all had technical questions,
    that were soon answered.
    Here Rob asks specifics about the ears:

    The dude abides:

    As does the bunny:

    With energy supplies
    rekindled by the excellent food
    and the ears safely stowed away, some
    head for bentonville BMW

    Where the bunny hoped to improve
    on the bald tire award he got. everyone
    else went to drool on the new kwhiner

    We soon left and really got to
    enjoy a leisurely ride back on hwy 76
    so Rob could break in the new RT.
    I even got to lead for a while
    After we got back, some wingers
    wanted to start a rumble

    Darn, too many pics eh? well I'll have to do another post
    with the results of the rumble

    k12rs for sale

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    Wow, you had great weather! I was bummed not to be able to go, so it was nice to see the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for the pictures. Hopefully next year my friend/client won't be having a 50th birthday surprise party

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    part II

    Ok, the wingers rolled in much to my (but not many other people apparently)

    Things were getting strange

    Differences would be settled between the baddest dude from each
    faction on the latest offerings from each brand

    The "brand J" rider was too drunk to do the course:

    While the teutonic brand fared better. Note the perfect
    balance placed on the outside hoof... errr skid or whatever

    Voni gave it a whirl too now that the rules were clear

    Ah... more tomorrow


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