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Thread: Just ordered a new GSA

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    Put down the $500 deposit Friday afternoon. Order has been placed. Now it's time for Berlin to do its thing while I sit back and wait around for the next two months.
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    I admire your patience. There is NO WAY I could wait that long for something so cool.
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    Officer Impersonator,

    Very happy to hear you will be picking up your new GSA in the coming months. I hope to meet you sometime down the road.

    Take care,
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    Quote Originally Posted by OfficerImpersonator View Post
    I'm 5'11", and also have a 30" inseam.

    I ride my RTP with the stock seat set at the middle height setting, and I can easily get the balls of both feet down on the ground. I feel no compelling need to flat-foot the bike I ride, whether it be the RTP or the GSA.

    I've sat on a GSA in the showroom and it didn't feel too tall for me. I was able to get my toes on the ground with the bike on the center-stand, so I'm presuming I'll be able to touch the ground when the bike is off the center-stand.

    If I'm an idiot, and I'm buying a bike that's too big for me, let me know before it's too late!
    I am 5' 9-1/2" with a 30" inseam, and I ride a GSA. Granted I bought it mainly as an Iron Butt and sport-touring bike and do not off-road it, but I feel very comfortable on it. I had a F650 Dakar a while back that helped me get comfortable on a tall bike, and now the GSA feels no more difficult than my daily rider (R1100RT).

    The R1200GSA is more fun than just about any bike I have ever owned or ridden. The tank allows for very long legs, and the handling allows me to out-ride some of my sport bike buddies in the twisties. If you go for it you will love it.
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    Good for you! I just got back from Duesseldorf where my cousin's husband just took delivery of his tripple black...the only thing he changed was replacing the seat with seats from Baehr ( Really looks good!
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