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Thread: Handle bar camera RAM mount on R12GS

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    Smile Handle bar camera RAM mount on R12GS

    I want to put a front facing video camera on my GS, preferably on a RAM mount.
    Anyone have experience with this? What solutions are there that WORKS.

    I you have pics, please post!



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    No pics, but:)

    My HERO has multiple mounts that come with the camera, all work neat. From several helmet option mounts to a LARGE suction cup system that will go anywhere on a smooth surface, including your windsceen. I prefer the helmet cam best, just seems smoother film'in. Randy

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcover View Post
    Yes, it would be helpful to have a mount with this kind of vertical extension so you can record without capturing a lot of GS console and/or through the distorting GS screen. Would echo Randy's thoughts on the advantages of a helmet mount (but not on top of the helmet... too extreme). Hang it off the lower left side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfarson View Post
    ,,, not on top of the helmet... too extreme... Hang it off the lower left side.
    Dang! That suggestion came a couple of days late. LOL But I can still put one on the side...and keep it away from the Sena intercom.
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