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Thread: Rear brake lighting for a R90/6

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    Question Rear brake lighting for a R90/6

    Does anyone know if the rear brake lights are normally supposed to illuminate when the foot brake is applied? Mine doesn't, however the handbrake does.

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    Yes, the brake light should work from the pedal.

    Your bulb is good, you say the front lever makes it light up.

    Rear brake switch is either sticky or dead.

    On my bike (not sure of your model exactly) there is a small black cylinder with a white plunger that pops out when the brake pedal is pressed. It can be changed with the rear wheel on the bike, a whole lot easier with the tire off.
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    The rear brake switch is common from /5 thru at least the /7. It is a mechanical plunger switch located inboard of the frame gusset near the swing arm pivot on the brake pedal side. I have never known one of these to fail. I have seen the wires go bad and I have seen the screws so rusty that it is difficulty to release the wires and/or remove the switch from its mounting. When installed, it is typically "off" and completes the circuit when you step on the brake pedal and the plunger springs out of the body and completes the circuit. A broken wire or corroded connection would defeat the switch function and fail to light the brake light.

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    The wires in the switch are held in with set screws; easily pulled loose. The switch is located near where the battery vent tube hangs down (yellow arrow) so you might want to check for corrosion as well.

    The two wires are fed through a rubber cover before they are secured with set screws.
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