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Thread: 2003 K1200GT help needed

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    2003 K1200GT help needed

    I have a buddy that desperately needs a ABS control module for his GT. We have tried Beemer Boneyard and all of the dealers in the USA with no luck. If anyone knows of one would you please call me at 619-884-7790


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    Why don't you just remove it? There are many threads about how to re-plumb the system to remove a defective servo brake unit.

    You just need replacement brake lines and a couple of replacement brake switches (normal cold instead of normal hot, IIRC). That's what I am planning for mine if and when it fails. The master cylinders are the same.
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    There are several folks out there dealing with used bike parts such as this. In the back of most moto-mags there are adverts for them, scrap/parts bin items. Sort of like a pick and pull, but they pull and you buy. I no longer have the contacts, but when I redid my final drive and drive shaft, etc on my older 1100RS, that is the way I went. Replaced my ABS unit on my 2000 K1200RS this way as well. I believe I got the contact for that one with a private email to Finley at Pirate's Lair, but that was about 7 years ago. I got it for about $400 vs $1500 new at the time. Good luck!
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