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Thread: After-market audio

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    It's the house with the weather station on the roof of the garage. Then again, by the time yer ready to come by - you'll forget again so here's another reminder - it's the house with the car in the closed garage....

    As always, just beam me up to make sure I.B. here.

    Glad to see you here. Lots of good folks to work with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suvivr View Post
    Has anyone installed a JMCB-2003 handlebar- mounted CB-Audio system?
    I had the BMW branded version of the JMCB-2003. It comes with a firestick antenna, all the cables, the mounting brackets. I had it on my 2008 RT. At the time I bought, the BMW kit was less expensive than buying the individual parts from J&M (still not cheap).

    A couple advantages I found of using CB on the bike...
    - If you were on Ch 19, you pretty much knew where the speed traps were.
    - If you were in traffic and needed directions or other information there was usually someone else listening that could provide info.

    Not sure that happens on FRS.

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    j&m on other bike...

    The "dark side" got me for a while and it had a J&M on handlebars. Since most others that I rode with had one as well, it made for good communication and shepherding of noobs. Tailgunner told leader to wait after signals to keep the group together.

    Biggest limit to the units is essentially line-of-sight range limit unless installing the antenna on top of your helmet. (am I wrong on this detail you HAM's?)

    I've got a used one coming from some folks in Canada, mostly so I can get the intercom on my bike and install a solo unit on the DW's ride. She's not as experienced and we live in a VERY rural area so we'll be free from most of the pottymouth trucker. Afterall, I've almost never seen a trucker not talking on a cell phone in the past five years


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    I see most truckers going VHF these days. Driving around BC the CB is pretty much silent most of the time.

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