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Thread: Metzler tourance review

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    Metzler tourance review

    I'd like to know what people think (that have used) Metzler Tourance tires front and rear. I'm planning on putting them on my 08 12gs, I do ride mostly road BUT like to keep my options open, meaning if it's a dirt road I don't want to have to turn around because it's loose gravel or a little muddy. I'm on my second set of Anokee's and feel their o.k. off road just o.k. I like the road with them but don't like the way they wear and only really get about 7,000 miles (loaded bike) I've been also looking at Avon Distanzia, Pirrelli scorpion, and the tourance EXP
    (EXP mostly road). So lets have a little review shall we??

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    I replaced the factory Metzeler Sahara tires last year with Metzeler Tourance at 11,000 miles. I thought the Sahara tires were fine on the highway, but heard the Tourance tires were better. They are a smoother tire on the highway and seem to have less rolling resistance. I have not had the opportunity to get them off the road, so I can't comment on that, but the tread looks more like a road tire, so I would not expect them to perform as well as some others in heavy mud, but others have reported good general off road performance.
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    I've used Tourance, Anakee, and Trail Attack tires on my '05 GS. And others, but those three are roughly comparable.

    The Anakee (not the Anakee 2 which I haven't tried) tended to cup fastest with my bike/riding style, and weren't comfortable after about 1/2 of their tread life. The Tourance might have been better in the wet. I generally like the feel of the Trail Attack better, especially when dry. The Trail Attack isn't that bad in the wet, either.

    The differences noted are subjective. Because I like the Trail Attack best doesn't make it a better tire, just one that fits my riding style. YMMV.

    All did about the same in the dirt... they are not knobbies.

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    Tourances are great tires, dry, wet, gravel. Long life too. Have used 3 or 4 sets in the past 6 years or so.
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    What tommcgee said.

    On my second set of Tourances. Rear lasted 14000 miles and just changed my front out at 20,000 miles. I don't see any reason to change what works for me with the 95 / 5 split of asphalt and hard pack dirt that I typically ride. Now if you're going to be doing sand, mud, etc. then you're going to need something like TCK80's. I've not heard great things about the EXP though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomcat503 View Post
    What tommcgee said.

    On my second set of Tourances. Rear lasted 14000 miles and just changed my front out at 20,000 miles. I don't see any reason to change what works for me with the 95 / 5 split of asphalt and hard pack dirt that I typically ride.
    This is good news to me. One thing I forgot to mention was I had heard they last a lot longer than the Sahara tires. At 11,000 when I replaced them, they were overdue. Probably should have been changed at 10,000. With 3,000 miles on the Tourances, they still look like new.
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    I had Metzeler Tourance on my 07 GS.
    Overall great tires. Super long life! After 17k kilometers I sold bike with same tires and next owner rode them for another 3-4k kilometers.

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    Tourances are not knobbies!

    For mostly road riding Tourances are a good tire, and they are fine on gravel.

    My first comment on them came riding forest roads in my area, when I encountered snow and mud, I screamed 'Tourances are NOT knobbies.' They load up immediately and become slicks. I have been thinking of what comes next ever since. ('Course I would also be well served with a lighter dual-track/jeep road bike...).

    Lately, I have become annoyed that they are wearing out too fast. I only have 5600 miles on them and my rear is squared off too much and the center is down to 3mm. The front is better, still round profile, but still time to think of replacement.

    I am looking for a more aggressive tire and like the Shinko 700, but am not finding it for the GS' 19" front. I like the Heidenau Scout 60's but they are pretty expensive.

    I DO like how amazing the F650GS rides twisty roads! Slow enough not to scare me, but when I push it, it just keeps carving. Too fun.

    Steve in Oregon
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    I would reckon that more people run Tourances on their GS for pavement and some easy dirt roads (how most GSs are ridden) than anything else and probably even all other tires combined(?), if that tells you something...

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    What about the R12R?

    Has anyone used the Tourance on a 12R? I need a tire that will see mostly road miles but can do the 5-10% on dirt, including wet dirt roads.

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