After winning the most prestigious award of ‘«£Dirtiest of Show‘«ō this past Saturday at an open house in northern Va area,

I decided that I should spend Sunday collecting more dirt for the next event. Headed out around 10AM and tooled up 619 to 15 then out Leesburg to pick up Rt. 7 to 9 then on into Charlestown WV and Summit Point Road to watch some racing. Got there around 12:30 and watched two races and took around 140 pics with the new digital, a Nikon D70, Man that baby really rocks! The processor on that D70 is really quick, no lag at all so framing not the problem that my point-and-shoot had. Nice sharp lens (when I can pan fast enough and not shake).
Here‘«÷s some the better shots, got tons more still in process, once I get them into a decent page setup I‘«÷ll post the info. In the mean time‘«™

Not sure what this first guy was doing on the track, think he may have been in a off road event but had gotten lost

most of these were taken from the bottom of the ‘«£S‘«ō curves

they‘«÷ll be coming around the bend..

this guy was booking..

and so was this guy

the second race had a pretty tight group running the track for the better part of the race.

another of the faster rider

a shot of the riders goin up the last hill and turn just before the turn into the straight-a-way

and here's the fastest rider on the track.. he was ‘«™well you get the idea

After watching two races I started to get the hankerin to collect more dirt to defend my title so I hit the road again. This time going down 340 to pick up 240 north up to Sheapardstown and then across the river to follow the roads that meander alone the C&O canal.

Spring is definitely sprung in the mid-eastern states, there were yellows and lavenders and bright, bright greens everywhere, here is a shot of growth in the old C&O canal bed just down from Sheapardstown WV.

After a while Harpers Ferry Road leaves the canal and heads up thru some farm land

before dipping back down into the woods again.

Once I got down to far side of Harpers Ferry I could see the big Inn on the cliff where they used to have a really great Sunday brunch, been meaning to go back and see if they still do.

Then I wandered around some more back roads till I got back to Rt. 15 at Point of Rocks, MD, which when I went down to the canal parking area I discovered why it is so called, it is in fact, a Point of Rocks that sticks out of the cliff face just at (Potomac) rivers edge! Gee !!

Then on back down 15 to 619 and home, arriving around 5 PM. All told, just over 200 very casual, laid back miles.

Oh yeah, here is the machine that started it all for me back in 1964
(someone was using it as a pit bike). I was given a ride on the back of one of these thru the streets of Hong Kong at the age of 14

which you can read about here
My First Ride