I have a short commute. It's about 10 miles. I've got two routes: past the subdivisions at 35mph or the curvy country road at a quicker pace. I usually take the curvy country road. I'm generally a 12 month commuter, minus a week or so in February where it strikes me as not practical.

This is a small town and we don't have a rush hour, but we have a rush 20 minutes just before 8am and just after 5pm where everyone is changing locations. Home to work / work to home.

The polar vortex has messed up my pattern a bit. I've been getting by on a wimpy old battery and the bike hasn't been starting on the really cold (for here) mornings, so I've been digging the truck out of the leaves and taking it. While I have some reasonable gloves, and I'm only riding for 10-15 minutes, I can certainly see the value of heated grips!

My idea of a cool bike would be an electric. It would fit my commuting style and I've toyed with the idea of making one. It hasn't gotten past the 'toy with the idea' stage.