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Thread: What Year Did the FD Issues Begin?

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    What Year Did the FD Issues Begin?

    Howdy guys.

    As usual, I'm vaguely dreaming of a newer bike.
    Currently, I'm watching a 2001 K1200RS on eBay... But all the chit chat about final drive issues really has me spooked. I have older bikes, and never once even heard a whisper about such problems with either the 93 R100RS or the 88 K100. I'm pretty certain I don't want to spend a boatload of money (or even ANY money) on something guaranteed to fail or break.

    When Did the FD problems raise their ugly countenance?

    ALSO: Once fixed, how likely is it that the FD will fail again?

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    I'd guess they started in 1921.
    Everything breaks eventually and with a forum like this one, it doesn't take very many similar failures to get any particular issue labeled as common.

    There are lots of threads on this, I tried to find one with a survey result table but gave up.

    I wouldn't be afraid of that bike you want. Armed with knowledge such as you have, you can specifically check all the things you know to be 'issues' and increase your confidence that way.
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    BMW durability

    Actually, BMWs are notoriously durable. That's why they are the chosen brand for so many long-distance tourers. Do the regular maintenance and they will outlast most every other brand of bike. I have owned models from the 1950s, 1970s, 1990s, and 2000s with no reliability or durability issues whatsoever. Ride on!
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    when did the problem begin? right around when the internet made such large scale public discussions commonplace. prior to that, you'd have to hang out in a shop on a near daily basis to hear such chatter.
    not discounting the existence of the issue, just the depth and breadth of its being reported.
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    Since '05, way too many FD implosions (including miltiple failures) have come to light.

    While each model year has its nuances as to reliability, since 2005, the FD failures refuse to go quietly into the night, as some might have you think, and are actually being investigated by the NHTSA.

    Research what you're interested in, weigh the pro's and con's, and then make your decision.

    Don't let me or anyone else make it for you.
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