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Thread: Noob From South Florida

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    Noob From South Florida

    I'm Brian and bought my first BMW a few months ago. She's a 1975 R75/6. I bought her for scooting around town and getting into some mischief. I must say that I am in love. I’ve put some miles on her to get used to some of the idiosyncrasies. She seems solid and pulls like you would expect from a 37yo 750. I hope you can all put up with what I’m sure to be many questions. I promise to use the search button first

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    That's a very nice setup there. Looks like you could break the sound barrier with that fairing. What type is it?

    Drop in on the Airhead forum...ask some might get a correct answer. Also, post the picture in the Post a Pic sticky at the top of the forum.

    Look forward to having you around...there's a strong contingent of Airheads in South Florida.
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    It's a hannigan fairing... I'll have to get the speedo working right and get back to you on the sound barrier.

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    Welcome! That's a nice looking Airhead with some custom touchs.

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