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Thread: Route asst: Marin to Lava Hot Springs Idaho

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    Route asst: Marin to Lava Hot Springs Idaho

    Route info needed...

    I'm meeting my brother in Idaho next month. It will be my first long trip in the new GS.

    The Navigator II and Mapsource say I should slab it through Reno and across western Idaho till I arrive at destination.

    Are there any "must see" roads or attractions? I have 5 days for the round trip so I can't do justice to the American West, but I'd like to get off the highway for something worthwhile.

    /taking recommendations


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    Well, that's a little early for most of the mountain roads, but you might check out Jarbidge. Or, outside of Elko, Secret Pass.

    The cool thing about Idaho is, the governor is a motorcyclist, and I don't know if he has any input, but the maps are great. There's a special scenic routes guide you should pick up.

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