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Thread: Trip Tracking Solutions

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    Trip Tracking Solutions

    I wondering if this impressive collection of scooter knowledge assembled here on the BMWMOA forum has any good advice for trip tracking by loved ones back at home? A little bit of research in to this turns up a few free services/apps for smart phones and some more professional grade type subscription service providers. A couple of the free ones:

    bGPS Official Site


    InstaMapper - Free Real-Time GPS Tracking

    The problem with these free smart phone apps for me is twofold: they suck down battery life like crazy; and, they give me a creepy Orwellian vib that I can't shake off. I can charge my phone on the bike but I'm wondering what the ulterior motives are of the folks that offer these free services?

    Anyone here have any experience with any of the these free smart phone related choices?

    I'm an aircraft owner and fully aware of PLBs and The Spot and what they provide. I'm asking more about something my family can track my progress with on a ride if 99% reliability isn't important.

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    Most LD riders use the spot.... must be a reason.

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    A lot of roads "Out West" don't have cell service unless you are close to a town.
    The PLB's and SPOT use satellite services.

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    I use Googles Latitude service. I have to invite you to allow you to track me and I can turn it off and on, on my Android phone. Seems to work for me.

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    I have a Spot and have also used Google Latitude on the phone. I use Spotwalla to let my friends see where I am. Lets them see the whole trip and they get archived. I tested it with Google Latitude and that worked too, but since I carry the spot and have it in tracking mode on most longer trips, using the phone battery for GL seemed like a waste.

    here is a past trip:

    One of the nice things on Spotwalla is you can define a security zone where it won't display tracks. I just set it up for a 5 or 10 mile radius around the house.
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