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Thread: Air compressor

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    Air compressor

    Want to get a tire changer , No-Mar. How big of an air comp. do I need to seat beads. I have a small one that will pump 125psi. but I know it doesn't have near enough the volume. Thanks
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    Pretty much any compressor with a tank will seat beads. Even a pancake type that comes with nail guns. If it does not have a tank, you will have trouble. Small tip, get a 3/8" hose vs. a 1/4" hose if you are buying a new one. Oh yeah, buy rubber, they last longer.


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    Yep, a tank is essential. You need volume, not pressure. A unit without a tank may deliver up to 125 psi but virtually no volume of air, which is why it takes 5 minutes for a little take-along compressor to pump up a tire. And why you need to remove the valve core from the tire valve stem to get enough air quickly into the tire to seat the bead.

    See you friendly bigbox home store for an assortment of compressors. I got a Bostich pancake compressor several years ago, on-sale at the orange store, and find lots of uses for it.


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    Home vs street compressor!

    Home compressor's are mostly good to go, regarding seating beads, no issues at all. Mine is a Sears"Craftsman" for years now, seats all beads easy. Most will seat around 55-65lbs in tire with lube on bead. My mini road compressor(in saddlebag) is just for flats, replug and air up. Never had to seat a bead on the road, but figure it might with more time involved. Not a likely scenario on the road repairs, breaking beads. Randy

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    Harbor Freight is a good inexpensive place to buy a compressor that will not experience the rigors of commercial use. Air powered tools are sold there as well.

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