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Thread: 1988 K100 RS questions

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    1988 K100 RS questions

    I'm trying to check all splines by myself and get the machine going again.
    1. What grease is recommended for the swing arm bearings?
    2. What grease is recommended for the drive shaft universal joint?
    3. I'm going to use a 50/50 mix of Honda moly 60 and Wurth 3000
    for the splines as I believe Mr. Glaves recommended.
    4. I read on this forum about the longevity of K100 clutches. If I separate
    the transmission from the engine and do not touch the clutch, do I need
    the clutch alignment tool to put it back together?
    5. What do you recommend for the cast aluminum surface that has
    the coating breakdown with the white dust?
    6. Can you tell me of a charging system status indicator and where I can
    7. What is a good wet battery charger product?
    8. On re-assembly of fasteners which is better; to assemble clean and dry or
    to assemble clean and with the light thread lock? Of course to the proper
    9. Any recommendation on average price tires with good performance in wet
    Thank you for your assistance. Bruce

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    2. Sealed-no greasing.
    4. No

    Others will be by soon with the rest.

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    K100RS Charging system status, Clutch, Tires, Charger

    Years ago I added a digital voltage display to my 85 K100RS. It has red numbers about 5/8" tall, shows tenths of a volt, is waterproof. It was sold for ATVs and Boats and stuff. It looked about like this:

    I run it from a two position switch next to it on my left "kneepad vent"
    One way the switch lets it feel the parking light voltage, this shuts it off with the key, it shows between 10 volts at traffic lights with vest, grips,driving light and extra brake lights on, but goes up to almost 13v when running. The other switch position lets the gage feel the battery, which runs at 13.9 when running, 12.8 before starting. I have the 50amp alternator bought used from an R1150.

    Clutch: I put in a rear main seal at approx 110,000mi, measured my clutch, it was more than 50% still there, so I put it back in, just steel wooled (Scotchbrited) the flywheel some.

    Battery Charger: Run the bike at least 100 miles every month.

    Tires: I have an extra wide rear rim and can take Michelin Pilot Radials, Road III now, The savings is in having great tires should I ever really need them to turn or stop. They go about 8,000 mi. each if I don't gas it a lot. I love them.

    Cast Aluminum Looks: Keep the painted parts looking good and let the engine look mature. I use a spray paint can on my wheels each time I take an old tire off, it takes an extra 15 minutes to do a tire change. I spray while spinning rim on a pipe in an old stepladder.

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    Been very happy with my Bridgestone Spitfires in the wet and dry after many sets of Metzlers. Can't say about mileage yet, but at $61 front and around $80 for the back at places like Bikebandit and Shadetree, they are a hands down winner. Shop around and find free shipping.
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    7. Battery Tender (
    Of course using the bike is better but make sure it is charging properly

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