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Thread: Concerns about buying K1600GT the first year

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    Quote Originally Posted by PittsDriver View Post
    Before we give BMW too big of a black eye, I wonder if the problem had been related to a warranty service claim if they would have indeed pulled whatever parts off the line that were required. But, because this was the result of an accident, i.e. not BMW's fault, that they were less cooperative? I'm not suggesting that it's good service on their part - just wondering if that's their rationale?

    After all, if the delay was related to a warranty claim that took the bike down that long, wouldn't the lemon law have required them to give you a new bike?

    I'm also curious to hear what your insurance company had to say about your bike being down for that long? Was that not part of a rationale to total it? Your bike was essentially crashed so at what point is the problem your insurance company's and not BMW's?

    Again, I'm not defending the lack of parts availability or your treatment - just asking some critical thinking type questions that might have a bearing on your result.
    PittsDriver I do respect your positions and I understand the questions. However, I just came back in from a 200 mile trip on Gisele and as far as I'm concerned I'm going to do my best to put this fiasco with the BMW Corporation behind me! We Stanley Boys are just looking forward to a whole lot of fun Father-Son trips aboard Gisele!

    I'll happily say this, this's the greatest motorcycle I've ever owned. Gisele beats all of my other bikes: Since my first street bike back in March of 1963.

    I owned one of the first BMW R90S's that was sold back in California in Fall of 1973.

    Gisele makes me smile even more than the beautiful R90S did, she's so incredible!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtyjimmy View Post
    I am very interested in the K1600GT. I am also nervous about buying any vehicle, bike, car, truck, the first year it is available. Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions on the new GT?
    Check out my posting today... K1600GT Oil Leak

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