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Thread: K1600GT Oil Leak

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    Exclamation K1600GT Oil Leak

    I am wondering if there are any other K1600GT owners who have experienced a major engine oil leak in their K1600GT?
    I was out riding April 6th in Ontario Canada and felt my rear tire slipping and stopped to check and see what the problem was. As I pulled into a local coffee shop parking lot I stopped the bike and put my boot down and found my right boot slipping on the tarmac. I managed to get the bike on the stand and found my boot covered in oil and then looked at the bike engine. There was a major oil leak and the oil had spread across the engine, side panels, and all the way back to my rear wheel and tire which was covered in oil. I was really fortunate not to have had an accident caused by the oil on my rear tire.
    I subsequently called in to BMW Roadside assistance and had the bike towed into Open Road BMW, a Motorrad dealer in Newmarket Ontario, Canada where I purchased my bike from.
    My bike is brand new with only 3300 kms (appr.x 2000 miles) on the clock.
    I am now being given the run arround by the dealer who have had the bike in their workshops for a week and they still have not found the cause of the problem, and they are now talking about having the engine replaced.
    The dealer in consultation with BMW Canada and Germany has now finally determined that the problem is a serious engine oil leak problem and will be replacing the entire engine. A new engine will be shipped to the dealer. In the interim the dealer has agreed to provide me with a loaner K1600GT until my bike is returned to me with the new engine.
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    Wow, sorry to hear this.

    If the dealer is talking replacement, they must be puzzled considerably. Might be the best for you in the long run.

    Do keep us informed.
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    I heard about the same symptoms after an oil change on a sport bike. The oil drain plug was not installed properly. This oily slippery scary stuff happened to the person while riding on the 401 through Toronto. He too was lucky in that he was able to stop without an accident.

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    Sounds like stories you hear from Jiffy lube not a motorcycle shop.

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