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Thread: Sena SMH-A0302 connector question

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    Sena SMH-A0302 connector question

    I purchased a Sena system but would like to use a wired mic with it instead of the boom mic with my modular helmet. I must have a chin like Leno because there just doesn‘«÷t seem to be enough space for the boom mic between my chin/mouth and the chin bar. The Sena A0302 Helmet Clamp Kit has an option to use a wired mic (or an attachable boom mic) but I would like to add a little more length to the mic wire to provide plenty of slack when the chin bar is opened and closed. There is a connector between the Sena helmet clamp on the side of the helmet and the mic where I could patch in a 4-6 inch extension easily ‘«™ if I could match the connectors.

    I was wondering if someone with some knowledge or experience with small connectors has an idea where I might find a connector like this. The connectors are about ?? inch wide. I checked with Sena and they didn‘«÷t sell any premade extensions or connectors which would allow me to fabricate my own extension. I gave some thought to just trying to splice in some extra 2 conductor wire but the existing wire is pretty small.

    Has anyone seen any sources for similar connectors? I would certainly entertain anyone else‘«÷s experience addressing this same issue with the Sena system or any realistic (and physically possible) suggestions.


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    I saw one setup where the guy used the small mic and attached it to the front side of the cheek pad on his flip up helmet.
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