I would like advice how to budget a European tour.

I will spend next summer's vacation visiting my daughter in Berlin. I do not know yet how long my trip will be. Also, money is an object and I cannot blow most of the travel budget on an expensive guided tour, especially since my wife does not ride and will do something else while I ride. I hope that I can take 3 weeks for the trip and ride for 1 week of it. Timeframe will be between June and September. I assume that July and August will be the high season.

http://www.rental-motorcycle.com/eur...ch_rental.html has some decent prices.

The hotels mentioned here seem pretty reasonable: http://www.mobikehotel.com/moto/index_en.php?lang=en A bonus is that some prices include breakfast and dinner. I wonder if the breakfasts are big.

What do I expect? I expect basic accommodations for a bargain price. I do not care for fancy hotels; I prefer B&B because it is cheaper and I feel like I am in the country and not a franchise chain. I do not mind sharing a bathroom down the hall.

I like camping and wonder if I should pack my camping gear. How is camping in the Alpine areas?

I lived in Paris in the 1970's and saw a lot of western Europe's tourist sites. I would like to just ride for my solo part of this trip. Tourist stuff I will do with my wife before or after the bike rental.

I ordered John Hermann's book "Motorcycle Journeys through the Alps" and expect it will be good. Hopefully it will include a lot of budgeting information.

Honestly, if the price is too high I will have to forego riding during my European vacation. That's why I want to start planning (and saving) now. Thanks for advice.