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Thread: MPG's and BMW?

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    Just did this:)

    My R100/7 got 43mpg riding the passes of California(2UP), Senora pass/Yosemite Tioga. I agree smiles are importatnt, why I ride too. Those 650s by BMW make me growl,grrrr, compared to my GSA1200 in mpg comparison. Ya'll win. My KLR650 gets 47-50mpg regularly. '08 model with carb technology, like the old Airhead above. Randy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polarbear View Post
    Even the BMW X5 Turbo Diesel gets 35mpg's. My current GSA1200 is at 36-38mpg's.
    Put a diesel in your GSA and then compare numbers. Also, aerodynamic drag on motorcycles is the pits.

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    that modern bikes get better fuel mileage due to high compression motors with electronic fuel management systems is well established.

    but what about airheads? what's the best mileage from airheads riding at normal highway speeds?

    best out of my R80G/S is 54 mpg. but that was accelerating at speed of a turtle not exceeding 55 mph. at turnpike speeds 75-80 mph mileage drops to 38 mpg. 65-70 mph nets about 40-42 mpg.

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