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Thread: R1100R wheel swap spoke for cast alloy

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    R1100R wheel swap spoke for cast alloy

    I have searched and cannot find the answer with certainty.

    I am wondering if the ABS cross spoke wheels available in some special editions R1100r models, 2.50 x 18 front and 3.50 x 17 rear, can be substituted as a direct bolt on by the standard ABS cast alloy wheels from the R1100R, RS and RT models 3.50 x 17 front and 4.50 x 18 rear (which I believe are all the same and ABS also, except for a few early RS models).

    If yes and since they are different sizes, what would be the effect on handling. Looks as if the front would be lowered and the rear raised with the cast alloy wheels compared to the cross spokes?. Anyone know if besides the wheels other changes to the forks, brakes or frames were made to accommodate the different size in width and diameter of the cross spoke wheels? Hard to believe that would be the case for a few SE models.

    Anyone know?


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    Disclaimer: I'm not an expert - just looked at the part #s in the parts lists on the Max site.

    This is written as if you were trying to install spoked wheels in place of the cast which came stock on a bike:

    I don't think it is swappable for the R1100RS without changing out the rear brake and ABS set up, which might require a new inner housing for the FD among other things.

    The R & RT look interchangeable as long as you have the brake disks installed on the spoked wheels. You might also have to play games, swapping out the speedo drive box depending on the tire / wheel size you run on the front.

    If you are trying to install the cast wheels in place of the spoked set which came stock, the same would essentially be true except that you could use the rear wheel from a R1100RS as long as you used the brake disk from a R1100R or R1100RT cast wheel.

    Again, I was just looking at part numbers to see what changed and what was the same. There could be some details that I'm missing.

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