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Thread: First ride og 2012

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    First ride og 2012

    Yesterday I arrived home from skiing a little earlier than normal so I decided it would be a good time to sweep out the garages to clean out the winter dirt. As I was sweeping along I kept glancing at the RT sitting in the corner since the first snow in early Nov. The more I swept, the more I glanced at the RT and the temptation began to grow. Further adding to the temptation was the new Roadcrafter 1 piece in the closet yet to be tested. Even though we still have around two feet of snow on the ground and temp in the mid 30's it was clear and sunny and the roads were clear and dry. Just how much temptation can one endure.

    Pulled the RT out, added some air and started it up. Started easily and ran perfect. I think it took longer to get into the Roadcrafter being new and stiff. Had a great ride for about 1 hour in the beautiful snow covered countryside. Bike ran great and reminded me just how much I enjoy this bike. The Roadcrafter despite being stiff and bulky worked well and was warm and comfortable holding great promise for when it gets broken in.

    I have several great rides planned for spring and summer so this was just a early season teaser for the upcoming ridding season. It was great to be riding again.

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    Good for you!!! Here in northeastern WI, we have little snow and temps 30-40's. Unseasonally warm for this time of year. But our roads have been covered with the salty brew to thaw the morning icing for the morning commuters. Normally I'll ride those sunny dry days, but both bikes up on the racks for winter upgrades (clutch and exhaust pipes). I did get a good 12 mile bicycle ride the past couple weekends of Feb '12!

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