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Thread: installation of amp on K1300S

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    installation of amp on K1300S

    I have a 2011 K1300S and I am part of the moto crew for a couple of breast cancer walks. My previous bike had a stereo and I like to play music for the walkers. I am looking into getting an amp/ipod adapter/speaker kit that I can put on just for the walks. What is a good system and can I hook the amp directly to the battery?

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    I guess not many use a K13S as an escort bike!

    Going to slide this over to Gear...maybe someone has an idea for general use.

    I have hauled a camera guy on my GS before, at crawl speeds ...cannot imagine slow creeping on a K12/13S. We have two of them and they do not do slow well.
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    My Garmin GPS plays music on micro SD into my headphones, so I if I unplugged that, I could plug in speakers. You could try that, or use an iPhone or iTouch with music via speakers as well.
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    I'm also a Breast Cancer Walk Moto Crew member, 14 years and counting. We really don't act as escorts. It's typically riding from intersection to intersection to aid the walkers crossing busy streets. We may be at an intersection for hours at a time so playing music helps motivate the walkers. Over the years I've seen lots of different configurations from simple boomboxes bungied to a luggage rack to one of our members on a Ural hack with a big watt stereo in the side car (really rattles the windows). If you want to use a personal music device you might consider a Boostaroo amp. They are sold by Aerostich, check their web site. I use the radio in my R1150RT with a cassette adapter to a mp3 player. My mp3 player uses AAA batteries since it's not always easy to recharge devices on a 3 day walk. I also carry a battery booster box since the radio will drain the battery after 5 hours in an intersection.

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