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Thread: New guy in Northern Calif

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    New guy in Northern Calif

    Well I did it, broke down and spent the money for membership (instead of using it for parts) . I have a /5 I am getting close to finishing the restore on. Here's a look at state of the bike this week.

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    Very fine:)

    Welcome from Clovis,CA.. Had one of those in 1972, toaster and all, miss it. Yours looks better than mine ever did! Boy, that had to be the smoothest Beemer I ever owned, regarding twins. Mine was the 75/5 shorty. Hope ya get some serious riding in, come Springtime. A set of original Wixom Bags looks really good on those old ones. Finding them is the task! I saw some not too long ago, maybe the forum classifieds here. Better look. Randy

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    That's a beautiful bike.
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    Welcome Scot! There seems to be only a few of us in the north part of the State. I love your bike!!!!! I had a toaster for a while in the early 70s and an R69S for a long time prior to the toaster. Wish I still had both of them. Maybe we will cross paths sometime. I picked up my "C" in 2010 after many years off bikes.

    Lkarl KJ6OCL / 2000, R1200C

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    Thanks everybody for a nice welcome. If you want to see more pics here is a link to the restore thread I started.

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    Welcome Scot

    Thanks for sharing the pics. It is a beautiful bike and you are doing a fine restoration it seems. Let us see the final pics.
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    The Lift. . .

    First, WELCOME. I do a lot of riding in NorCal, and can't think of a finer set of roads anywhere. . .and I've seen a few!

    Second: Gorgeous restoration, and you deserve a lot of credit. You've got an "eye," obviously. My worldview is that each and every one of these magical beasts should be treated like the mechanical marvels that they are. . .all precious, whether for show or for flogging, or BOTH!

    And. . .last but not least, good pick on the lift. I got one of these same ones a few months ago after years of lying on my back or kneeling down for long minutes on a pair of aging knees. . .Oh, man. How sweet is is. This one is better than the Harbor Freight model, costs about the same, and takes up less room. Not as big a surface for tools, etc., but I've got a one-car garage with three motos, and one of them is a rig!

    Thanks for the eye-candy.

    Walking Eagle

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