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Thread: Fork Gaiters

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    Fork Gaiters

    Posting for some information on installation of fork gaiters. 1978 R100RS. bike has complete fairing with rubber boots that are glued to the fairing and seal around the fork slider tubes. what i am wanting to do is retain the existing rubber boots that are in the fairing now and add gaiters. i have been searching and have read of where this has been done, but am unable to find a detailed explanation / procedure and type of gators used. any modifications that may need to be done. will want to achieve a nice clean installation and proper fit. bmw parts preferred, quality aftermarket parts acceptable.
    any responses or information would be much appreciated.

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    I can't imagine that working. I wish you good luck with it and hope I'm wrong.

    I replaced my OEM fork "boots" with gaiters and am very happy with them.

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    Beemerman, In my opinion it's not possible to use both and get a "proper fit" since the bike wasnt designed to use both. I removed the boots on my RT and put the /7 gaiters on and like it much better.

    People have used both but they dont look quite right to me,.... a bit crunched together.

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    fork gaitors

    yes you can, I fitted a set to my 1977 r100s/rs about 25 years ago I used /7 type slightly shorter than the /6,replaced the top hose clamp with large black cable ties .also I had already turned the chrome fork leg reflectors upside down (shorter end up) to give more space to lower the bottom clamp, if you kneel and look up there is about an inch or so of chrome showing, as I said never had a problem with original fairing rubber boots or the gaitors in all that time ,hope this assists, jimmy

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    I like to use R80G/S gaitors-they are quite a bit thinner than the /6 type-on RSes and RTs. They can work fairly well with the fairing boots, but are still a pain to install.

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    fork gaiters or not

    Many years ago I ran my 1982 R100RS for a time with gaiters and without the rubber thingies that are glued (often badly) to the fairing. Without them, I expected I'd get an annoying wind blast at speed, but as it turned out that wasn't the case. (At that time I lived in a very mild climate). The thing that did make me regret having only the gaiters was a long ride through a desert during a rainstorm. I got a good dose of red mud everywhere, and it was a PITA to get the bike clean again.

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    fork gaiter install

    Looks like this thread has been dead for 8years. hoping to revive the discussion on gaiter installation. Anyone have a quick and easy way to get these installed on a R100S? Is there any way to slip these over the bottom fork tube that has caliper brackets on it or does that lower portion of the fork have to come off in order to slip the gaiters on? Appreciate the help. I'm trying to install these on a 1983 R100RT with out the RT fairing.

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    Caliper bracket? I recently did this on my /7 and the entire slider/brake assembly had to be removed. The diameter of the gaiter is not that big.
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    On some models the easy way is to slide the upper fork tube down out of the triple clamps; slide the gaiter over the fork tube and reinstall the fork tube in the triple clamps.
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    Thanks. I think the sliding the fork tube down and mounting from the top is the way to go. I have to remove the triple clamp any way for other reasons so thats what I'll do. Thank you!

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    If you believe the hype regarding protecting your fork seals, why not install some shields instead? Lots easier, no conflicts.
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