I was giving my 1985 R80 a bath today , suddenly the side stand spring comes off along with some kind of a plastic bushing that looks like it might be part of the return spring retention ??

I have a Farley stand mounted and never use the OEM stand anymore anyway. So i thought i would just remove it.

And then the fun began !!

I took off the main nut but did not remove the crash bar, so i was not able to get the OEM stand off ??
How the heck does it come off ??

I managed to get the spring back on , but not with the bushing , there was only one anyway so i was not sure which end of the spring it should go into.

I used two plastic zip ties to hold the OEM stand up, but am not sure that is safe to do. Sure don't want it to deploy while i am going down the road and the retention/return spring seems weak.