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Thread: Bands I'd like to see in Sedalia

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    Now THAT would be cool!!!

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    Blechn'Bosin was awesome last year. If they come back, it is definitively worth the trip to see them again.

    Blech n'Bosin at the MOA

    Who was the replacement band last year from NYC? The girl singer was great!!!!!!!

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    Talking Awesome

    Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds. Great singer and you gotta love the hamonica and horns.
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    Blackberry Smoke - Good ol' Southern Rock. Check em out if you get a chance.

    I've always thought they'd be a GREAT Rally band.
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    Well I can give an awesome choice of 2 blues Pro's

    One would be Buddy Guy, one of the top 100 guitar players of all time
    and Quin Sullivan a 12 year old that plays Jimmy Hendricks like he was
    still alive. Absolutely awesome proformance by both.
    We had the Thunderbirds a couple of years ago. They play music just
    not real hard, if your not bustin strings your not playin blues hard enough.

    Your line up looks good, hats off to the band committee.
    They did an awesome job on selection.

    We had Sam Bush, He does an excellent performance also.

    Safe Ridin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beemeup View Post
    How about Dickey Betts and Great Southern? Now that would be cool!
    He is absolutely awesome live! Caught him a few years ago at the Hampton Beach Casino in NH and the guy ROCKS. I swear each tune was, like, 20 minutes long and he left you wanting more. I'd love to see him as one of the acts at the rally.

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