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Thread: Another AZ Airhead

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    Another AZ Airhead

    Just checking in, new project 75 R60/6 as of last week. First BMW for me.

    It's in pretty rough shape, but runs, and smokes more than Charlie Sheen & Keith Richards combined. Going to do a leakdown check tonight and most likely pull the cylinders to take a peek & measure rings.

    Haven't dismantled a horizontally opposed engine since A&P school 20 years ago, so this should be fun.

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    Welcome! Nice little "project" you have there. My Dad had one of those...couldn't quite get rid of the pinging, but then we didn't know what we were doing! Sounds like you do. Good luck...check in with the Airheads further down the forum. We'll help out...maybe even give a right answer to boot!!
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    Very easy:)

    You'll find nothing much easier to work on in motorcycle circles than an old twin. I have a old one I still ride, bought new. They simply don't seem to go away. A few years back, BMW actually found serial number 0000001 engine, 1923 I believe STILL being used to pump water on some farm in Europe! BMWON ran an article or short story on it. Sorry I forgot the issue month/year. Enjoy the /6, get r going again and smile at its simple ways. Don't kill yourself with the brakes of yesteryear. A riding style all its own vs. todays rockets and ABS....Randy

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