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Thread: 2012 Ural M70 - They've Almost Got It Right

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    2012 Ural M70 - They've Almost Got It Right

    I've owned a couple sidecar outfits over the past 20 years including my current BMW powered Dnepr. I've mostly ignored Urals because they (1) still lacked in the reliability department, (2) I'm not a fan of any high fendered motorcycle, and (3) I don't have any requirement for two wheel drive.

    The M70 Anniversary edition was a pleasant surprise. A bit of catching up revealed that the Ural is significantly improved and even has some German gears! I later learned that the M70 is based on the Ural Retro which was redesigned in 2010. The only Ural website has current 360 degree pictures of the current version is Ural Europe.

    The new Retro still needs a few tweaks to make it look "right". Here's my take on the Retro. I think any vintage BMW afficionado would enjoy one of these new-old outfits with a two year unlimited warranty!
    • M70 style headlight rim
    • BMW /7 or similar style mirrors
    • fuel tank in a more horizontal position
    • slightly upswept mufflers (current Urals look sagged in the rear)
    • valenced rear fender
    • traditional pinstripe pattern on bodywork and sidecar

    This is what it would look like:

    And here's my Dnepr with lowered fenders and 28 other modifications including :
    • /5 engine
    • two piece bolt-on engine adapter
    • BMW headlight, wiring harness, cables, controls, switches
    • 28Ah battery
    • custom starter cover, air cleaner ends, intake hoses
    • stainless exhaust
    • front brake converted to twin leading shoe, BMW style linkage and cable
    • Karcoma fuel tap /special adapter nut
    • gearbox input shaft with BMW spline for use with stock BMW clutch

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    I like the M70, especially the machine gun mount on the sidecar. The website says they're only making 30 of them (!) Bet they're gone fast.
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