Got the Pak-Meister seat this week and put it together for my BMW R1200 GS.
I needed a saddle solution-- badly-- and have also been on a tight budget
lately. Enter the Pak-Meister! I can't remember how I found it *(could not
find reviews on any forum...) but wow-- I am really glad I did. Everyone
knows BMW engineers absolutely awesome, strong, elegant, etc bikes-- in all
ways remarkable machines except, perhaps for seats. Let me say I have been
riding 35 years, and my skinny, boney butt has never found any OEM seat *any
good, really. Anyway, 20M miles on my original 1200 seat was enough for me.
Monkey butt? I had gorilla butt, and pretty jammed up in lower frontal
crotch area as well-- ouch!

Had 2 hours on the Pak-Meister saddle yesterday and 4 today-- totally cool,
pain free, and I feel I could actually visit with my girlfriend tonite. For
a very modest price (under $250) this company has come up with a GREAT
seating solution. You install it yourself on the OEM *seat-pan, you do it
carefully but you do it yourself-- and you can save $300-400-500 bucks over
an alternative altogether new saddle. This is about an elegant solution of a
painful problem-- at a very reasonable cost. This company, in my opinion, is
doing a real service to my motorcycling brethren. Ergonomics of this seat
are excellent, it solved my problem, and kept my budget intact...