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Thread: 2005 R1200RT Cracked Rear Wheel Flange at the Wheel Mounting Studs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomcat503 View Post
    Sometimes even good engineers make mistakes. The best ones learn something from them.

    Know a few German engineers...they do not make mistakes
    and even if it were possible, getting them to say those words...priceless

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    Quote Originally Posted by henzilla View Post

    Know a few German engineers...they do not make mistakes
    and even if it were possible, getting them to say those words...priceless

    It's a complicated process, modern engineering - of modular subsystems that are supposed to integrate seamlessly and reliably.

    The client is supposed to write a requirement document for the salable product. Think GS vs. RT. A company i worked for did not know/realize this should be a mission statement rather than a top-level spec.

    Systems engineers spec the product and postulate one or more sets of subsystems that will satisfy the requirements. If there is insuffificient traceability from reqirements to system spec, something will be missing. The system test plan should be traceable back through the system spec to the requirements so nothing will be missed. This was news to my employers too, but they did approve a $50K expenditure on a specialized database called DOORS to ensure this traceability was documented.

    Each subsytem has its own spec and test plan, traceable all the way back to requirements, ideally. Then, relatively junior engineers develop the item and test it. If the traceability is not complete ... . If the design reviews miss something... If the Risk Program is not done right ... If the Value Engineering Program suggests plastic instead of aluminum, wrongly ...

    The Systems Engineer and specialist engineering support should catch the problems, but they are human ... .

    Yes, this is Aerospace doctrine, but many firms have adopted this level of philosophy.

    It should be clear that a company that has not done so and produces complex products that could kill a human when failure occurs may have liabilities. That's why developing our toys can be expensive and still may have regretable cobsequences.

    Oh, i have known accountants who are comfortable doing systems engineering ... And, i have known Program Managers who buckle.

    Theory and practice still are often not in sync.

    And, this is a very condensed summary of the process, so if you comment, please remember my caveat. I'm trying to show a "designer" doing detailed work may not have all the info and not be involved in all the decisions, and could build in a problem that goes undetected, or even is told to design the wrong thing.
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    I'm almost afraid to ask this out of fear I could jinx myself. Is there anything about your riding you would consider out of the ordinary for an RT?

    I ask this because I too have a 2005 RT however I have 85,000 miles on mine. After reading your post and seeing the pictures I went out and checked my motorcycle for similar cracks. Everything appeared normal.... no sign of cracking or fatigue.
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    You are not jinxed, but, well ...
    Ah, I mean no. Absolute not. There is nothing in anyone's riding of that motorcycle that could possibly crack that flange. Other than running it into a tree ... backwards.
    It is a faulty part.
    Listen to the engineering knowledge above. The part is faulty.

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    stress cracks

    Yep, after visiting my local and friendly servicing shop today here in rainy SoCal [] I not only saw several different bikes and vintages with said cracks, but I went home to discover one on my coveted and well maintained RT that has 105k on the odo.

    Pinnacle after market insurance will get a call from me on Monday. For those interested, they have paid out $3 for every $1 I invested in their premium, and they still have 2 1/2 yrs to go on the coverage!
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