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Thread: 2005 R1200RT Cracked Rear Wheel Flange at the Wheel Mounting Studs

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    2005 R1200RT Cracked Rear Wheel Flange at the Wheel Mounting Studs

    I dare ask, but can someone tell me what I'm looking at here?

    The bike has 40K miles on it, is on its third or fourth rear tire and has only seen the likes of properly calibrated torque wrenches throughout its life.

    A quick search revealed this happens to be common, which surprises the heck out of me seeing as to how catastrophic something like this can be... My rear wheel flange has 3! separate cracked stud areas.

    On a bike with this kind of mileage on it, is there a snowball's chance in you know where that I'll be able to get some help from BMW. Obviously, there's no way to prove the TLC this bike has received so I know there is a strong chance they will tell me to pack sand.

    I know what the service entails (Heating to 90-110 degrees C), but I don't have the puller for the job and I'm not the makeshift kind of tool guy. I'd JB Weld the thing, but what's to say it doesn't crack somewhere else.

    Worse case scenario, I'll pop the FD and drop it off at the local BMW shop and have them replace it.

    Any advice on dealing with the BMW folks and or doing the job myself is greatly appreciated.
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