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When I bought my 02RT it had the small PIAA lights and liked them alot, But one burned out last year so this winter I went real cheap. I went to Walmart and got a set that looks almost the same fot $20 bucks. I hooked them up a couple a weeks ago and they are real bright. I have not road at night with them yet, but my main reason for them was so people would see me in the day and I think they will work just fine for that. And for $20 dollars I thought if I don't like them I'm not out much. And I will go with a higher dollar set, but I think that I'm going to like them.
+1! I have a cheap set on my bike, 55 watt h3 bulbs. Replacement bulb is like 4 bucks. I use them in the daylight to be seen, but they are plenty bright for night time too, which is why I don't use them at night. I find that the reflected light from the road is very distracting, so I use them only for city driving at night, when the ambient city light is high and turn them off when out of town. But I use them all the time in daylight.