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Thread: Where to stay in New Orleans & Daytona Beach

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    Where to stay in New Orleans & Daytona Beach

    I'm looking for a good place to stay near (or in) the center of New Orleans and near to the Daytona Beach. There we would like to relax on the beach on our first day off on the east coast. Both don't need to be a 4 star hotel.

    Thank you guys!

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    We like the Bon Maison Guest House. On Bourbon and really quite central to all of the usual Bourbon Street activities.

    Talk to Chuck (manager) about getting your bike through the door. He was very kind to us and we were fortunate enough to get the bike in (without mirrors and bags)

    Once inside the bike was safe and parked just outside our door in the courtyard.

    If you do go please mention that we recommended his place. He will remember us from our 2007 visit. (won't get you a discount but might help with the idea of getting your bike off the street) - Bob
    Bob Weber
    Larry's River, Nova Scotia, CANADA

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    Good morning Bob!

    Sorry for my late response and thank you for your advice!
    An email is right on the way and in the next days we should know if there's a room left.

    Best regards from Vienna
    David Berghuber

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