It's that time of year, the time when thoughts turn to summer riding plans.

The group known as the NELDR (Northeast Long Distance Riders) are once again delighted to present the Minuteman 1000, 24hrs of New England.

Started in 2004, the Minuteman 1000 has evolved into one of the top endurance events in the Northeast and one of only rallies in North America where riders can earn a Saddle Sore 1000 certificate and experience all the challenges of an open rally at the same time.

The Minuteman 1000 is geared toward the novice LD Rider with plenty of opportunities for big dogs to "screw the pooch." Our rally staff is eager to help and with over 15 Iron Butt Rallies (including third in 2011) there aren't a whole lot of LD related questions we can't help with. Our goal is to welcome like minded folks with an event tailored to making your first 1k day fun and memorable.

Here is a map showing the 2010 rally.
The Saddle Sore Route is shown and the red flags represent bonus locations.
Saddle Sore riders are not required to obtain bonus locations or collect points.
The route is run clockwise to get the northern portion done in daylight.
Click map for larger image.

Friday afternoon we open with registration followed by a banquet. After dinner we have a brief meeting to go over details. The ride starts Saturday morning. Sunday morning we start with scoring and end with a wonderful brunch where we award certificates and prizes. Because the route has been certified by the IBA riders who complete the ride are presented with their certificate, pin and plate frame at brunch Sunday.

Thanks to our sponsor,
Max BMW Motorcycles riders get great meals,
prizes and swag.

To get a better feel of the weekend I suggest you read a blog post by Stephen Pivonka. The Minuteman was his first LD ride and he came away with second place in the Saddle Sore 1000 division. Read his blog.

If all you want is to get your first Saddle Sore certificate and instant membership in the Iron Butt Association we've got you covered, you don't need to take photos, hang a flag, answer questions or navigate to out of the way spots. We provide a base route, specific locations to obtain the receipts (and pint of real Vermont Maple Syrup) and all the information you need to have a successful ride. If that isn't enough our sponsor, Max BMW Motorcycles is only a mile or so off the Saddle Sore route and he stays open late to support the riders by providing food, drink and a place to rest for a bit.

Stop here for some syrup and say hi to the farmer, he rides an F650.

For all the details please visit the Minuteman 1000 website.

Have a kilo-mile day!


Rob Nye
Rallymaster, Minuteman 1000