Hi Folks,

I am a big fan of the Howard Leight Laser Lite ear plugs. At NRR 32 they are higher rated than most other foam plugs out there, and are a great fit for those of us with narrower ear canals who find the big orange ones sold at bike shops and shooting ranges uncomfortable and painful over the long haul. I bought a box of 200 back in 1999 though I only got about 30 pairs in before a bad wreck put my riding on hold for some years. Still, I used them on planes (bliss!), at the shooting range, etc. and a couple years ago when I started riding again went happily back to the box. I ran out at the end of last season and started looking for a new box.

I started at Conney Safety Products where I got the last box but found them to be priced on the high side and with high shipping cost a bit too much. With a little searching (and a google for "free shipping code") I found Seton Company - they had the best price around on the 200-pairs uncorded and as mentioned free shipping with the "WS0114" code. Total price was half what many others charge.

I ordered and got the e-mail confirmation, then a shipping notice with tracking code. Two days later the box appeared on my doorstep - total price $23.90.

Great experience I thought I would pass along. Sure cheaper than paying $1 a pair, and there is never a temptation to re-wear grubby used ones

PS - DaveB if you read this, send me your address again and I will get you a '99 and '12 one for comparison - frankly except for a bit more vivid yellow I cannot tell the difference. Tried measuring, compressing, twisting, stretching, etc. - they seem exactly the same.