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    Great Foam Ear Plug Source

    Hi Folks,

    I am a big fan of the Howard Leight Laser Lite ear plugs. At NRR 32 they are higher rated than most other foam plugs out there, and are a great fit for those of us with narrower ear canals who find the big orange ones sold at bike shops and shooting ranges uncomfortable and painful over the long haul. I bought a box of 200 back in 1999 though I only got about 30 pairs in before a bad wreck put my riding on hold for some years. Still, I used them on planes (bliss!), at the shooting range, etc. and a couple years ago when I started riding again went happily back to the box. I ran out at the end of last season and started looking for a new box.

    I started at Conney Safety Products where I got the last box but found them to be priced on the high side and with high shipping cost a bit too much. With a little searching (and a google for "free shipping code") I found Seton Company - they had the best price around on the 200-pairs uncorded and as mentioned free shipping with the "WS0114" code. Total price was half what many others charge.

    I ordered and got the e-mail confirmation, then a shipping notice with tracking code. Two days later the box appeared on my doorstep - total price $23.90.

    Great experience I thought I would pass along. Sure cheaper than paying $1 a pair, and there is never a temptation to re-wear grubby used ones

    PS - DaveB if you read this, send me your address again and I will get you a '99 and '12 one for comparison - frankly except for a bit more vivid yellow I cannot tell the difference. Tried measuring, compressing, twisting, stretching, etc. - they seem exactly the same.
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    PM sent!
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    Good price on those Howard leight plugs. I have never tried that particular type. I was offered a few pair of pilots at a trade show a few years back and found these the best fit for me with good DBR.

    Often this company offers free shipping, The cost is a bit more for these but IMO is worth it for the firm and long lasting fit.

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    The Howard Leight plugs you like are sold at Walgreens.
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    ebay has them

    I have been using them for several years...on the bike and to block my wife's snoring!

    You can get them for great prices on ebay...with or without being connected.
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    +1 on the Howard Leight plugs. I've been using the "Max" model for a few years, buying by the box. Discovering too late in life the damage caused by noise, I'm determined to preserve what I've got left. From riding, lawn mowing, power tools, and plane trips, I use 'em now.

    If you don't wear earplugs when riding now, you will wish you did when you get a little older.


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