I trying NOT to hit the forum with more then one dumb idea every 2 weeks or so. I have a K100 that tugs an EML/GT2 side car. The PO had put on 20k miles and then I put another 10k more before I did a complete spline job. I found the FD/DS splines used up. I found a good used FD/DS. I put 10k more and did a FD/DS lube at the time of a tire change. I had used a moly60/lithium mixture and it wasn't doing well. I relubed with straight honda moly 60. Now 20K later and it is time for a tire change and I discover FD/DS splines are almost used up again. This means two FDs in 60K. I have found an other used FD set as Bruno's rebuild is far beyond my means. But!!! reading Bruno's website gave me an idea.

Is this a dumb idea? I am thinking about filling the DS with nonexpanding foam insulation. Then stuffing something like WalMart sacks into the space at the inside (forward ,beyond the splines) of the splines. fill the forward space that is left with grease and assemble. Now the only way that grease can get out is to work it's way rearward.

Harold in Kansas