View Poll Results: How long do you think a motorcycle should last?

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  • Forever: I'll fix anything that breaks

    51 38.93%
  • 20 years and 500,000 miles. Round trip to the moon

    24 18.32%
  • 10 years and 250,000 miles. One way trip to the moon

    48 36.64%
  • 50,000 miles just like Dads Oldsmobile

    2 1.53%
  • Doesn't matter, I stay new and under warranty.

    6 4.58%
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Thread: How long do you think a motorcycle should last?

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    A good pre-electronic BMW airhead should last you a lifetime, especially if you casually spend an hour or two a month on ebay stockpiling spares. I've had my '86 R65 since new and I expect it will easily outlast me.

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    PS: I have a '64 Corvette and there is not a single part on it that I cannot buy brand new at very reasonable prices. I had a good chuckle recently when I needed a new wheel cylinder - it set me back $9.50 at the local chain auto store, and it was in stock.

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    I expect that most new bikes, if maintained with any sort of care, are going to outlast internal combustion as the mainstream source of propulsion. We'll be zipping around on Hydrogen or battery power in 50 years and my GSA will be an interesting footnote in motorcycle history. I hope somebody rides the wheels off of it before then though. This is not my desire...I love internal combustion as much as the next gearhead...but I can't help but think that we're going to see significant shifts in the next 20+ years.

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    Reminds me of the ol' man braggin about his 50 year old Chevy truck. He says it has lasted 400000 miles. Yep, its had the motor rebuilt 3 times, transmission twice, and 'restored' the body twice! Just don'tmake em like they used to!

    I guess how long it should 'last' is a question that could be answered 10 different ways by 10 different people. A nice topic to ponder for sure.

    The vehicle that 'lasted' the longest for me was a 1985 Volvo 240 (Swedish brick!). Paid 1000 bucks for it in 2004 I put over 300000 miles on it with only tires, brakes, fluids and ball joints. Had 500000 on it when I sold it for 500 bucks! That car definately 'lasted' a long time.
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    I've kinda gotta go along with Merle Haggard on this one...he sang, "Let's make a Ford and a Chevy that still last ten years, like they should." I figure anything beyond ten years is gravy, and there's a lot of gravy in my '87 K100RT. Still, on the upside, there's virtually no limit to the lifespan of a properly maintained machine. On the downside, every company make lemons, if you let them run out of oil.
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    There are things you can miss by maintaining an older bike - TC, ABS, hydraulic clutch, 6th, even 5th, gear.

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    All things considered I think a reasonable figure for me might be 150,000 miles with routine maintenance before anything outside of that shows up.

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